Sept 29- Work Time

Today we caught up on our ICE box problems. We then went to the computer lab to work on our research projects. You should be nearing the end of your information gathering phase. In two weeks you will need to be ready to start writing your script for the podcast episode.

Sept 28- ICE problems

    Today we practiced some equilibrium problems where you will need to use an ICE table or ICE box to solve. ICE stands for Initial, Change Equilibrium. You will know a table requires an ICE box if the question refers to initial or original concentrations and then it reaches equilibrium.         […]

Sept 27- Calculations using Keq

      Today we learned about what happens to Keq when you manipulate the chemical reaction. We found that if you reverse the equation, the new keq is the inverse of the original keq. We found if you multiply the equation by some factor (n), you must raise the keq to the power of […]

Sept 20- Isomers and Functional Groups

Functional Groups flipbook lesson 6 lesson 5 Today we went over what isomers are, how to draw cis and trans isomers, and how to identify an asymmetric carbon. We also went over what the different possible functional groups in an organic molecule are and how to name organic molecules that contain a functional group. We started […]

Sept 18- Unit 2- Organic

Today we build some models, learned about the definition of organic chem, hydrocarbons and alkanes. We looked at some ways to model organic compounds and practiced naming straight and branched alkanes. We completed a Tarsia puzzle and started the first assignment. lesson 1 lesson 2 lesson 3b basic alkane puzzle MS3 Organic Chemistry Student