Chem 30 Notes

Sept 22- SLIME! And working on the final research project/podcast

practice Exam


Today we did a polymer lab where we created polymers. We also acted like polymers and discussed what happened as we got tangled and pulled in different directions. The lab is a hand in lab and a full lab report needs to be complete. Remember the polymers are toxic if ingested so wash your hand after touching them and be sure to keep them away from young children, pets or anyone else who might eat weird things they find.


After the lab we went to the computer lab to work on our research project. At this point you should have a few pages of jot notes (keeping track of your sources of information, which you will eventually put in APA format). We will begin recording the podcast episodes in about a month so you will only have about 2 more weeks to gather data before you want to begin writing your script. Don’t forget to check out the research project criteria, so you know the content and approximately how many works your script should be.

We have schedules our Organic Chem exam for Tuesday so please be prepared to write that. Remember if you have all of your assignments complete and correct, you can have the opportunity to rewrite the exam. There is a list of required assignments in the classroom. I handed out a practice exam today, so be sure to use that as a study tool.


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