Chem 30 Notes

Sept 25- Pre-Equilibrium Review & Intro to equilibrium + Mini-lab




Today we did an individualized review of what you should know before we begin the equilibrium unit (prior knowledge from Physical Science 20). Independently students went through the review booklet (Review Prior to Equilibrium Student WM)and watched the videos from this playlist as needed. I encouraged students to only watch the videos for the sections they needed help with.



Here are the videos (in a playlist):



After the review period we started equilibrium. We worked through the first powerpoint lesson 1 (up to slide 8). Then we did an equilibrium analogy mini-lab (do not need to do a full lab report).


Don’t forget about the organic chemistry exam tomorrow. If you complete all of your assignments (correctly) then you will have the opportunity to rewrite your exam. You will be able to use your functional groups flipbook and your periodic table.


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