Chem 30 Notes

Sept 26- Organic Chemistry Exam & Equilibrium cont.


Today we wrote the organic chemistry exam. If you missed today’s class or chose not to write the exam you should complete your assignments (or at least the practice exam) and come in to write at 8:30 at your earliest opportunity. It is easy to fall behind in chemistry 30 as we move at a fast pace, so don’t let yourself fall behind by ignoring this exam.



After the exam we continued with equilibrium. We looked at the criteria for equilibrium and the signs that a substance is at equilibrium. We also learned how to write the equilibrium expression, and how to calculate the equilibrium constant when given the equilibrium concentrations. Remember that when we write the equilibrium expression we do not include solids or pure liquids in the expression. You also need to ensure you are working with a balanced equation.

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