Chem 30 Notes

Oct 17: Intro to Acids & Bases


CH30‐EQ3 Observe and analyze phenomena related to acid‐base reactions and equilibrium. [SI, DM]


a. Identify examples of acids and bases

b. Discuss the historical development and limitations of theories, including Arrhenius, Brøsted‐Lowry and Lewis, which explain the behaviour of acids and bases. (STSE, K)

Documents:  lesson 1 2017 ppt: lesson 1 2017


Today we had an introduction to acids and bases. We discussed the difference in properties between acids and bases, and we discussed the difference between acids and bases according to the Arrhenius, Brøsted‐Lowry and Lewis Theories. We also tested a few dissolved salts with litmus paper to see if they are acids or bases.

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