Chem 30 Notes

Oct 20- pH and computer time


CH30‐EQ3 Observe and analyze phenomena related to acid‐base reactions and equilibrium. [SI, DM]


d. Differentiate between strength (strong versus weak) and concentration (concentrated versus dilute) when referring to acids and bases. (S)

g. Solve problems involving pH, pOH, [H+]/[H3O+], [OH‐], Kw, Ka and Kb. (S)

Documents:  Acids and Bases Lesson 3  ppt: lesson 3 2017

Overview: Today we discussed what pH is and how to find it using [H+]. We also looked at pOH and how to convert between [OH-], pOH, pH and [H+]. FOr the second half of class we went to the library for our final in class time to work on the final projects (recording starts next week!) I also showed students how to use Adobe Auditions to record their podcast.


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