Chem 30 Notes

Oct 23- Cabbage Juice Indicator Lab

Outcome: Observe and analyze phenomena related to acid-base reactions and equilibrium. [SI, DM] 


d. Differentiate between strength (strong versus weak) and concentration (concentrated versus dilute) when referring to acids and bases. (S)

h. Explain how acid‐base indicators function chemically, using Le Chatelier’ principle. (K, STSE)

i. Estimate the pH of solutions using acid‐base indicator solutions and indicator papers. (S, K)

j. Design and carry out an experiment to differentite between weak and strong acids using indicators. (S, K)

l. Interpret pH titration curves for various combinations and strengths of acids and bases, by identifying endpoints and choosing appropriate indicators. (STSE, S)

Documents: Acids and Bases Lesson 3  lesson 3 2017 red cabbage lab

Overview: Today we did the lab using cabbage juice as an indicator to test student collected samples to determine whether they were weak or strong acids or bases. We also discussed titration and pH curves and how to choose a suitable indicator for an acid base titration. There were two assignments with today’s notes.

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