Oct 24- In class presentations and Titration calculations

Outcome: Observe and analyze phenomena related to acid-base reactions and equilibrium. [SI, DM] 


k. Perform acid‐base titrations and relevant calculations for multiple ratios of [H+]/[H3O+] to [OH‐], including those for reactions that either reach the endpoint/equivalence point or represent over‐titration. (S)

g. Solve problems involving pH, pOH, [H+]/[H3O+], [OH‐], Kw, Ka and Kb. (S)

e. Classify strong and weak acids and bases using the magnitude of Ka and Kb.

(S, K)

Documents: Acids and Bases Lesson 4 2017 ppt: Acids and Bases Lesson 4 2017


Today we worked in groups to try some titration calculations using our knowledge of concentration and neutralization. We then looked at a formula that can help us with titration calculations. We also started a few Ka Kb ICE box problems

We set the test date for acids and bases to be Friday.

Don’t forget that your podcast recording needs to be submitted by the end of class on Friday. Today was the last day you were to present to the class if you did not want to record a podcast. Since no one recorded, everyone will submit their recording BEFORE Friday


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