Chem 30 Notes

Oct 25- Titration Lab and Ka Kb ICE Box Calculations & Practice Exam

Outcome: Observe and analyze phenomena related to acid-base reactions and equilibrium. [SI, DM] 


k. Perform acid‐base titrations and relevant calculations for multiple ratios of [H+]/[H3O+] to [OH‐], including those for reactions that either reach the endpoint/equivalence point or represent over‐titration. (S)

g. Solve problems involving pH, pOH, [H+]/[H3O+], [OH‐], Kw, Ka and Kb. (S)


Documents: Acids and Bases Lesson 4 2017 ppt: Acids and Bases Lesson 4 2017  EQ3 Practice EXAM


Today we did a titration lab and finished up the ICE Box calculations that we started yesterday.

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