Oct 17: Intro to Acids & Bases

Outcome: CH30‐EQ3 Observe and analyze phenomena related to acid‐base reactions and equilibrium. [SI, DM] Indicators: a. Identify examples of acids and bases b. Discuss the historical development and limitations of theories, including Arrhenius, Brøsted‐Lowry and Lewis, which explain the behaviour of acids and bases. (STSE, K) Documents:  lesson 1 2017 ppt: lesson 1 2017 Overview: Today […]

Oct 2- Le Chatelier’s Principle

    Today we looked at how the equilibrium shifts if there is a stress put on the system. The possible stresses are a change in concentration, a change in pressure (or volume, same thing), or a change in temperature. The direction the equilibrium shifts (forwards or in reverse) is dependent upon different factors (as […]