Nov 1- Cells! (Electochemical, Electrolytic and spontaneity)

  Outcome: CH30‐EC1 Investigate the chemistry of oxidation and reduction (redox) reactions. [SI, TPS] Indicators: e. Illustrate and label the parts of electrochemical and electrolytic cells and explain how they work, including half‐reactions, flow of ions and flow of electrons. (K, S) f. Differentiate between electrochemical and electrolyyic cells in terms of spontaneity, direction of electron flow, energy, charge on electrodes and chemical change. (K, S) g. Predict the electric potential and spontaneity of various redox reactions using reduction potentials. (K, S) Documents: ppt: lesson 4 2017 EC1 REDOX Lesson 4 2017 lesson 4b  Redox practice exam  redox exam cheat sheet Overview: Today we looked at how cells work. We looked at electrochemical (spontaneous) […]