Chem 30 Notes

Nov 2- Creating a Potato Battery


CH30‐EC1 Investigate the chemistry of oxidation and reduction (redox) reactions. [SI, TPS]


e. Illustrate and label the parts of electrochemical and electrolytic cells and explain how they work, including half‐reactions, flow of ions and flow of electrons. (K, S)

g. Predict the electric potential and spontaneity of various redox reactions using reduction potentials. (K, S)

h. Design, construct, and evaluate a prototype of a working battery that meets specific student- identified criteria such as powering a small electric device. (STSE, S)



Today we tried to make a potato battery to light up a light bulb. We were unsuccessful in lighting the bulb but we were able to get a voltage reading on a voltmeter of about 0.7V. Tomorrow we will use the battery we created to try to power a calculator.

Final Exam Questions: 

Final Exam Podcast Questions

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