Quarter 2

Nov 14 – Intro to Chem , The Scientific Method & History of the atom

Outcome: MS1 Examine the role of valence electrons in the formation of chemical bonds


a. Trace the historical development of the model of the atom from Bohr to the modern quantum understanding, including the contributions of Einstein, Planck, Heisenberg and DeBroglie.

c. Examine how evidence and experimentation inform the development and refinement of theories in chemistry.

Documents: Periodic TabeIon Sheet Research Project Criteria 2017 Q2 2017 Q2 syllabus Evaluative Assessment Pieces Student lesson 1 2017(ppt) MS1 Bonds Lesson 1 2017(handout)


Today we went over the course outline, research project and evaluative assessment pieces. We completed the Tallest Tower assignment (hand in for marks) and went through the history of the atom from Democritus to Chadwick.

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