Quarter 2

Nov 15: Periodic Table, Valence Electrons and Intro to Lewis Dot

Outcome: MS1 Examine the role of valence electrons in the formation of chemical bonds.[SI]


d. Explain the relationship between the position of an element on the periodic table and its number of valence electrons with reference to the octet rule. (K)

e. Explain the formation of ions and predict their charge in group 1 and 2 elements and non‐metals, based on an understanding of valence electrons and the octet rule. (K, S)

f. Draw Lewis structures (electron dot structures) for group 1 and 2 elements and non‐metals, and their ions, based on an understanding of valence electrons. (STSE, S)

Documents: MS1 Bonds Lesson 1 2017(ppt) MS1 Bonds Lesson 1 2017 (handout)


Today we reviewed the periodic table, valence electrons and learned how to draw lewis dot for atoms and for ions. We finished up the MS 1 & 2 Lesson 1 booklet and started the Lesson 2 booklet. We had a quiz at the end of the day on Lesson 1.

You can watch this video to see what aspects of the periodic table we discussed and how to draw a Lewis dot formula for an atom:

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