Sept 20- Isomers and Functional Groups

Functional Groups flipbook lesson 6 lesson 5 Today we went over what isomers are, how to draw cis and trans isomers, and how to identify an asymmetric carbon. We also went over what the different possible functional groups in an organic molecule are and how to name organic molecules that contain a functional group. We started […]

Sept 18- Unit 2- Organic

Today we build some models, learned about the definition of organic chem, hydrocarbons and alkanes. We looked at some ways to model organic compounds and practiced naming straight and branched alkanes. We completed a Tarsia puzzle and started the first assignment. lesson 1 lesson 2 lesson 3b basic alkane puzzle MS3 Organic Chemistry Student  

Sept 15- Exam

If you missed the scheduled exam, you will need to have your assignments complete and come in at 8:30 to write your exam. Don’t forget to complete the take home portion of the exam. Part 1 Exam 1 Take home portion of exam

Sept 14- Finish lab & Work Time

Today we finished the lab, finished our flow charts for the solids flip books and we had some time to work on our assignments/practice exam in preparation of tomorrow’s exam. Don’t forget that in order to have the opportunity to rewrite the exam, wyou must hand all of your assignments in complete and correct.

Sept 13- Solid Properties

Today we looked at properties of the different types of compounds, we sorted different properties of compounds to create a graphic organizer. We also started our first lab. 8 Intermolecular Forces (powerpoint) Identifying Solids Lab Student Materials Science PRACTICE Exam2 Part 1 Exam 1 Take home portion of exam solids graphic organizer

Sept 11- VSEPR

Today we reviewed how to name covalent molecules, then predicted geometry and practiced drawing 3D molecules using VSEPR theory. We also made balloon molecules as part of a hand in assignment. 7 VSEPR