Matraca- Medical Nanotubes

NANOTECHNOLOGY! It seems like there is a new article every few days about the potential of creating a better world. Nanotechnology is a very vast area of study, in this episode I cover a very small portion of Nanotechnologies, specifically the use of Carbon Nanotubes in cancer research. Further reading: – this […]

Meghan- Algae Biofuel

In this podcast we talk about Algae Biofuels as an alternative to fossil fuels and many of the other great properties algae has to offer us!   Hope you all enjoyed listening!   Interest in learning more about Algae and their Biofuels? Check these links out! DNewsChannel. YouTube, YouTube, 1 Oct. 2013,

Glenna- Diuretics

In this podcast I going to explain why I chose Diuretics as my research topic and why I was interested in learn more about these drugs. I going to talk about what diuretics are and do, who they affect, how they work and why. Also going to talk about the different types of diuretics and […]

Caitlyn: Shoes

Shoes have been around since the 1850’s, with no difference between the left and right shoe. Lyman Reed Blake was an American inventor who invented a sewing machine for sewing the soles of shoes to the uppers. Keds were the top ‘sneakers’ in 1917. These were the first shoe that was made. The reason why […]

Jordan Electroplating

In this podcast I very briefly summarized electroplating and how it is done. Basically, and electrolytic cell is used to break down an electrolytic solution, plating metal ions onto a negatively charged cathode. The flow of electrons causes the positive anode to break into ions and also cause some electrolytes to break down, forcing positive […]