Cassandra- Light Bulbs

In this podcast, i’m going to explain: The changes between incandescent and halogen light bulbs. Materials used in both the incandescent and halogen light bulbs The effects the bulbs have on the environment Which light bulb is more energy efficient Average yearly cost

Sarah: Hockey Helmets

Throughout the last 60 years the goal tenders mask that is used now in professional hockey around the world has evolved tremendously. From a  basic carbon fibre front face to shield, to now a whole head protected helmet with a cage, advancements of technology lead to a near perfect piece of equipment. Trial and error […]

The Declan Show: Carbon Nanotubes

Hey everyone and welcome to ‘The Declan Show’, where I fill your minds with a whole lot of facts, research and science!   Today I will be talking to you about Carbon Nanotubes, a new revolutionary technology that has a tonne of great uses!   You may be asking “what is a Carbon Nanotube?”…well let […]

Kat’s Episode Lethal Dose Learning: Nanocellulose

In this episode we learned about how nanocellulose was discovered and made, how we can implement it into the things around us and how much it would cost!   Cool sites! A quick explained video:   References 2017 Cellulose Lab Nano & Micro Products Price. (2017). Retrieved from   Carlmark, A. (2017). Nanocellulose […]

Jessica: Evolution of the Track

The sport, Track and Field has been around since the early B.C. times. Tracks people have used have been made out of dirt, grass, sand, cinder, and synthetic polyurethane. Polyurethanes have been around since the 1930’s. They were invented by Dr. Otto Baye. Polyurethanes are non hazardous, but the process creating them can be. Isocyanates […]