Sam- Cellular Respiration

Cellular respiration! Have you ever heard of or thought about what cellular respiration is? Whether you have or have not I am hoping that you will be able to learn something new about cellular respiration by listening to my podcast. In this podcast I will be discussing what cellular respiration is, what causes cellular respiration […]

Richelle: Smoking Meats

In this podcast I briefly discuss some cultural aspects of First Nation’s and Metis peoples practices of meat smoking for preservation. I also discuss the chemical process of smoking meat, and a bit about the oxidation-reduction reactions present in meat smoking.

Jed: Antioxidants

You might have come across an article or two about antioxidants. But what exactly are they? Would antioxidant-rich foods such as chocolates, coffee, and red wine actually be the answer to our health problems? It seems that they will help us live longer, and then the next day they’re giving us heart attacks. So what’s […]

Mark: Combustion

Combustion played a crucial into the evolution of mankind today. The discovery combustion helped our early ancestors to harness heat energy for warmth, cooking, hunting, and protection, and thus expanded our knowledge to the process of combustion over time. This podcast gives informations about how combustion is detrimental to our society, types of combustions, and […]